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Support your children by joining the Oso Grande PTA!  Click here to learn about the programs your membership fees will help fund!

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Our Parent Teacher Association is a partnership among parents, principal, teachers and school staff/leaders. Together, we strive to make Oso Grande Elementary School the very best school possible for our children.
The PTA is for everyone and benefits all of our students! By joining the PTA you are supporting your child and telling them you feel their education is a priority.
That’s great! Please renew your membership each year, as those contributions go to support the current school year.
There are only 3 PTA Association Meetings for the whole school year!  Although there is no obligation for PTA members to attend meetings or volunteer, these meetings and PTA volunteer opportunities are a great way to influence your child’s education, learn about the school, and interact with school administrators and other parents.  We welcome new voices and need all the help we can get!
With 1200+ students at Oso Grande, it takes the whole Oso Grande community to fund and run all of the programs the PTA offers. We are lucky to live in a community that values education and so generously donates its time and money to the children of Oso Grande.  We welcome new voices and ideas and hope you will consider volunteering.  We can always find something that will work with your schedule and interests or skill set. If you are interested in PTA volunteer opportunities, please contact the PTA Executive VP at