Please join us for Oso Grande’s BLAST OFF events just after drop off on Wednesday, 8/22/18 outside of the Kindergarten yard from 7:45-9:30am and Thursday, 8/23/18 next to the Big toy from 8-9am. Enjoy some coffee, light snacks while you get to catch up and meet other Oso parents! Have a chance to purchase spirit wear, support our music program, learn more about PTA programming and ways for you to get involved for the 2018/19 school year. Get your questions answered about Oso Grande as we LAUNCH into a great year!

Lola’s Coffee & Treats

Help us LAUNCH into the school year with delicious Lola’s coffee and treats at our first flag on Friday, April 24, 2018.  All proceeds support our PTA’s Music program!

Music – we are almost there!

We hope that you have enjoyed the fantastic music demonstrations this month, just a glimpse into the positive impact this program leaves on your child.  We have officially committed to a full year of music for 2018-19, but still need some additional funds to pay for it.  If you haven’t donated already, or are willing to help more, please donate today!



Juice it Up!

Juice It Up Wednesdays will BLAST OFF after school on Wednesday, August 29, 2018! Enjoy a refreshing smoothie after school for just $3!  One dollar per smoothie goes back to Oso’s Grande PTA which supports many supplemental programs at our school, including our STEAM labs and program, our Library program, Music, Science Fair, Art Masters to name several!.  Have your ASTRONAUT let their teacher know on Wednesday morning that they would like to purchase a smoothie so we can order the correct amount.  Thank you for your support.

Learn More Now!

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